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About Paul

By Paul

“Everyone is an Absolute Miracle of Being”

Paul Dahlquist

Paul Dahlquist

Art has always been a part of my life. Painting and drawing were my media and my identity as an artist through the 1960s, my thirties. Family, with three sons, and teaching dominated he next 20 years.

Making Decisions for the Book

Making Decisions for the Book

The opportunity to teach photography classes provoked some serious study and work in this medium, which quickly became my real form of expression. How natural to show what I see, and how vulnerable.

Paul with Michael Mckinney

Paul with Michael Mckinney

Working in 35mm with Ilford HP5 film shot at 1600ASA using a Cannon OES 300 with a 28-80 zoom lens, I care to celebrate the miracle we all are. These images may help people to accept themselves and each other and make this world safer, saner and more just!

Young Paul as a Hunky Model

Young Paul as a Hunky Model

Paul Dahlquist

Saliem’s Senior Home

524 Railroad Ave. S

Kent, WA 98032


I am handling Paul’s online presence as Paul seems somewhat proud of his “Technophobia” 😉 The only way to contact him at this time is by mail. Please don’t let that stop you, he LOVES hearing from you. Paul is no longer involved with photography but IS living and he is well as of this writing 10/22/17.

40 Responses to About Paul

  1. Stuart

    This is great you guys! Its about time my Father had a web presence… Thanks!

  2. Dorothy Bracewell

    Do you have record of any photos taken in India November 1987.
    I am sure you took some of my daughter on her travells there.
    Thank you.

  3. Michael

    We were sitting with Craig Huber, Jan Bogle, Joan Bowers at our gallery here in Astoria, Oregon.
    We asked them to think of anyone they know who may be interested in our call for entries,
    they gave us your name, we hope you may be interested.
    And Paul, You may know Don Frank who is a member of our gallery.

    We are trying to spread the word for our call for entries
    for our upcoming show “The Photographic Nude”.
    We are hoping to attract the best of classical and alternative
    images, we found your work and are hoping you may be
    interested in contributing or may help us to spread the word.
    Our goal is to present very profound photographic images and
    to show the public the variety of great creative photographic artist
    that are working in this genre in the photographic medium.
    We like to give recognition to artists on our show pages and link
    to artist websites to gather a little more recognition for you and your work.
    All the info is on our website, we have a great juror
    and would love your help in making this a spectacular show.

    Thank you, Michael and Chelsea

  4. Ann

    This looks fantastic! Fabulous. Always an inspiration. Love.

  5. Mike Hall

    This message is for Paul.
    I was just recently posting some pics of my yearbooks on facebook. In one of my books it had a two page article on your retirement. I just wanted to say HI! It has been many years since we last spoke, but I always remember you as a GREAT teacher. You are getting many comments on how other students thought of you, as their favorite!. This is how I found your website, a fellow student posted the info.
    Mike Hall 198401986 Bothell High.

    Oh, one of the pics I posted was one you took of me on Halloween of 1984, I was in a crazy mask when I walked in the room, you stopped me and took a photo with my eyes widened. Turned out to be a great shot, and I have always loved that pic, it seems to resurface every once in a while.

    Again, its so good to see your smiling face on your website. You have been a great inspiration to me in the art world!

    Thank You!

  6. Denise Hasund Scidmore

    Paul, I was a student of yours when you taught Art at Bothell High… I graduated in 1984…
    Love your site… keep up the awesome work….

  7. Michael Datoli

    Paul, thanks so much for coming to the Lightbox Gallery. It was great to finally meet you and see some of your incredible photos and the movie. You definitely inspired me to smile and “keep clicking” !

  8. Mike Bagnell

    Hello Mr. Dahlquist

    I was a student of yours at W.A. Anderson Jr. H.S. I also worked part of a summer doing yard work for you when you bought your house on Queen Ann Hill. You gave me a 4’X6′
    oil abstract, which remains my most prized possession. It has accompanied me to college, multiple moves, and the ups and downs life presents you with. After 48 years, the painting still warms my sole and reminds me of the wonderful influence you had on my life and my fellow students. Of all the teachers and professors I have had, you remain my favorite. I am sure life is treating you well and I am happy that your artistic creations continue to bring joy. Sincerely, Mike Bagnell

  9. Steve Russell

    Hello Mr Dahlquist,

    I doubt you remember me after all these years but I was one of your students at Bothell (81-84). It is so great to see your website and all the great work you have done.

    I want to send you a personal note of thanks for everything you taught me about photography and about life. I have carried those lessons with me over the years and they have served me well.

    You once told me that I could really do something with photography if I would only applied myself….well that fell on deaf ears for a lot of years, lol. I have finally started to in the last few years and managed to get published in a national black and white fine art magazine on my first attempt…..all thanks to the lessons I learned from you many years ago, Thank you so much for taking the time back then to deal with a punk kid with an attitude.

    I am going to be in Seattle next month and would love the chance to see you again. Also I would sure appreciate your thoughts on the photography I have done and any tips you could give to make it better (

    Hope to hear back,

    Steve Russell
    (Class of 84)

  10. Sharon Caster

    Mr. Dahlquist,

    I just incidentally ran across your site and was delighted! You were one of my favorite teachers–Social Studies, I think–at the brand new Canyon Park Junior High. I remember liking your class, but I have always been grateful to you for a suggestion you made back then… I had auditioned for the school musical but didn’t make the cut. You knew that I liked art, and suggested that I turn out for stage crew, which you were in charge of. I learned so much in doing so. I learned that it was much better to be on stage crew than on stage! One image that always has stuck with me was a litle mouse you painted “holding up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I loved your work on the sets, and the humor that was infused in your work. Congratulations on your 80th birthday!

    Sharon (Folsom) Caster. Bothell High School, 1970

  11. JD Robinson

    I miss you my dear friend. I have lost contact and hope your well. please let me know


  12. Walt Rullo


    I think I found one of your paintings, which brought me here. Judging from the other comments, you’ve been way successful, all over the place; so nice.

    Went to NYI in the early 70’s and sill love pictures, B&W, mostly. But, now, I pay attention to all art forms.

    Nice to be the birthday boy, huh,


  13. Kory Schue

    Hello Mr. Dahlquist! You were my homeroom teacher in 7th grade at Anderson Jr. High in1964. You are the only teacher I remember from Jr./Sr. High schools. I think because you were the only one who really taught me anything important about life and ones’ perspective of it. You have touched so many peoples lives in so many positive ways. On behalf of all of us; thank you. Kory Schue

  14. Aisha

    Hi Paul,
    I was wondering if you are the same Paul who visited Goa,India,in the early 90’s and spent some time with us at our home in Panjim with my husband S.A.Jawaid? He was an architect and also a keen photographer and graphic designer.
    Do get back if you are the same person.

  15. David Edmonds

    Dear Mr. Dahlquist,
    How fortunate to come across your website. You were my homeroom teacher in 63/64. Besides teaching us to think I remember our Latin lessons which opened many worlds in my future. Thank you for being and thank you for acknowledging that which must be taught. Life is richer for what you imparted to me and certainly to others.
    with grateful appreciation,
    David Edmonds
    New York City


    Paul, I am tracking the works of William M. Mac Lane.
    He a student of yours I believe and did work for the David Whitcomb family around the 70’s -80’s.
    I have three of his early works he did in 1947.
    Do you remember him. I you give me a email address I will pictures of his work that I have.
    I am liquidating the estate and would like to find a good home for them. Can you help?

  17. page day

    Hi Paul,
    I would love to see some of your paintings, especially portraits. is there a way?

  18. Deirdre

    I have a portrait that he has done. I am selling it on ebay. I love the portrait but need the money more. It was purchased at an estate sale last year (from Bainbridge Island). You can search ebay for his drawing.

  19. Mark

    Hey Pual,

    I need some photos for a CD I am about to release. Is this something you can help me with?


  20. Eric

    Hello Paul I am not sure you would remember me but in 1995 you saw me walking in downtown Seattle, offered to take my picture, I was unsure but you made me feel so comfortable by taking me out to coffee and just spending time getting to know me as a person. I had very low self esteem, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to see something in me that i did not see. You changed my life that day after I saw the results of the photos you took I saw myself in a different lite and have carried that lite with me over the years, so I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to help a stranger find themselves, I will always cherish the gift you gave me. The gift of self.
    Thank you Paul.

    Eric n Seattle.

  21. Darryl Miller

    Bothell High 1983 Dude!!!! Art rules.

  22. Sean Loraas

    Paul, Lost touch over the years. I stumbled on your movie on IMDB…fantastic. You have always been in my heart. I look around me now and your images are in every room of my home, as they have always been. Gary and I just had our 19th anniversary. I am still a sign language interpreter (what I was doing the day you took your first photo of me). Congratulations on 80 years of showing the world to see the beauty in every face and every moment. Every person who is blessed to be captured in your light, or bathed in the glow of your welcoming presence, will find after meeting you… though they look at the same world, they are able to see more beauty; though they look the same, they are able to be more beautiful; and time passes as it always had, they are able live more in every moment. As an artist you bring beauty to this world, but as an unexpected gift you awaken in some, strengthen in others, the ability to see the beauty in the world that is surrounding them right now. Though you are always with me, I miss you, and would love to hear from you,

    Sean Loraas

  23. Chuck Holmes

    Paul; You may definitely not recall, but, one day at Ft. Lewis, where I had a car, & you didn’t I drove you into Tacoma to a frame shop to arrange framing for a painting you’d done,& Isaw from a previous comment on this site, that you’ve turned 80, while I’m now 83 Earlier today, I tried gGoogling some acquaintances from days of yore, whom I thought may be famous now, & found your site. Well done, & I must say, your beard is much more luxuriant than mine. Bless you, lad,\; Chuck

  24. Diana Sloan

    Mr. Dahlquist,
    I had you as my homeroom for 7th and 8th grade, something else for 9th and when I went to Bothell High School so did you. I have often looked back at people who influenced my life and you were one of those people. Latin alphabet, Gettysburg address, that first day of class where you ran in the room did a world of crazy things then told us to write a composition. For years i remembered those elements, only now can I cannot remember them exactly as taught, but the concept stayed with me. Thanks Mr Dahlquist, you indeed are a special individual and I was a lucky person to have you as a teacher.
    Diana Sloan

  25. David Weymouth

    Hi Paul,

    What I remember is that I was took your photography classes from ’77 to ’80 and always for the first couple of days of the quarter we did not do a thing when it came to photography. What you had us do was do some social interaction. And one of the questions you had us answer was “I am the best me there is because….” and we could not say “Because I am”. Also I don’t know if you remember but I was an officer of the Photography Club of 1979 with Don Shogren was the President. I don’t think it lasted after that year though. One last thing, I remember getting out of classes and going on the quarterly photography field trips to Seattle. You let us go on our own through Seattle taking pictures. We just needed to be back at the bus before it left for Bothell.
    I think of you often Paul and I do cherish my time in your classes. I learned allot from you.

    David Weymouth

  26. Alan Sebring

    Hi Paul,

    I was just looking through my Class of ’82 high school yearbook with my 9 y/o daughter. I remember your words from the photography class you taught, “Conform and be dull!”

    Take care,

    Alan Sebring

  27. Alan Haines

    Mr. D
    I look back on your class with fondness. You taught much more than photography, there were so many life skills that were not part of the syllabus. Every day I put more of them to use! Thanks for being you!
    Alan Haines, Bothell High class of 79

  28. Tim Lovejoy

    Hey Paul,
    I’ve been trying to find you for quite some time now and decided to try the internet. Low and behold you have this site. I’d really love to connect and catch up. I hope I hear back from you.

  29. Peter

    Dear Mr. Dahlquist,

    I remember walking down the hallways of Bothell HS hearing someone whistling Brahms’ Symphony no. 4. I remember thinking to myself that only Paul Dahlquist would know such music, let alone be able to whistle it. Sure enough, I turned the corner and it was you. We still own that huge, blue abstract you painted for the same living room you visited many times, in the spot where it still hangs today; it’s our favorite painting. My mother, Hazel, says hello and we both wish you the best.


  30. John Edgar

    Dear Mr. Dahlquist,

    I was a student of yours, the class of 76.
    I took three years of photography with you!
    I didn’t continue with photography, but I did teach my nephew photography. And he has made it his profession.
    I saw a picture of you and him, his name is Charles Peterson, in the picture you had his book “Screeming Life” under your arm. What a small world it is.
    You were a great influence on my life.
    I just wanted to say thank you for being such a kind man!


  31. Barbara Matilsky

    Dear Paul,
    I just wanted to let you know that your gift of a print by Christopher Rauschenberg titled Saint Cloud (1998) will be featured in an upcoming exhibition at the Whatcom Museum, Magic Windows/Framing Place. The reception will be Friday, February 6, 5-7 pm, and the show runs through May 17. Thank you so much for your donation!
    Barbara Matilsky, Curator of Art
    Whatcom Museum
    Bellingham, WA

  32. marta llorca

    Querido Paul!
    I miss you!Have not seen you walking around Capitol Hill or at Volunteer Park for years now…..come visit please.

    Would love to hear your great voice and see your wonderful face, and hopefully enjoy perusing your latest artwork.

  33. Jim Beaumont

    Hey Mr. D
    Class of 82 bothell high.
    Just wanted to say hello, and let you know that photography class was one of the only things from high school that has stayed with me all these years.. Shooting black and white at 1600 carried on until I went to a digital Nikon years ago.. Great class and you always managed to keep it fun, with black sabbath records playing…
    I’m shooting all over Europe these days..
    Hope you are keeping well and enjoying life..

  34. Joanne Hjort

    Hey Paul,

    Remember the Arboretum in the summer? I have the pen and ink piece on our bedroom wall. And on another wall the Skagit Windows, still one my favorites.

    We were having lunch Cathy Lykes who had the 1963 annual from Anderson! She remembers you fondly even though I told her some of the great stories.


  35. Jim DeWilde

    “Light is energy necessary for vision.”

    c. 1975, BHS photography class, still remember it after all these years!


    Jim DeWilde

  36. Katie Schaecher

    Did you spend time in Eugene, Oregon? Did you live on Westover Drive?

  37. Donna Oseen

    Hello Paul,

    I am going to send you a couple of photos of charcoal drawings that Dennis and I bought from you in 1968/69. We were in Europe, you in your van with three little boys and us in our Westfalia. We kept meeting at various campgrounds. Do you remember Athens for Christmas roasting the pig. There was a group of us who kept having unplanned meetings. Elsie & Eddie were from California.Those were the days.

  38. Lila

    Is Spaulding related to Adolph Dahlquist or Mary Paul Dahlquist, per chance?

  39. Brian Swanson

    Paul was my 8th grade english, history and social studies teacher in 1963-64 in Anderson Junior High school, Bothell Wa. It was an experimental all-boys class with 3 periods, one after another, with a single teacher. I remember learning a little Latin and writing essays focused on viewing the same events from different perspectives. Lots of talk about art history and aesthetics. He was a pretty good teacher although I was not an award-winning student. Two things I remember vividly: First he always kept his drawing notebook at his desk and we all were quite interested in his drawings. Second, he was selected to give the birds-and-the-bees talk to the whole boys class that year. He begins by placing this big sheet of paper on the wall and drawing this huge female nude. As he started discussing “the good parts” the attendance-slip collection girl suddenly barges-in and he immediately jumps up, faces the drawing and does this spread-eagle cover up so the girl wouldn’t see his latest additions… The class broke up in hysterics and the talk ended shortly after that. Such was sex education in 1964… He was a great guy and is remembered fondly!

  40. Megan Marie Hart im Opernmagazin-Portrait - DAS OPERNMAGAZIN

    […] Megan Marie Hart und ihr Hund Maggie Moo in Seattle (November 2010) –  Foto @ Paul Dahlquist […]

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