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Paul Dahlquist at 80

By Paul


Paul Dalhquist at 80

SoftBound Black & White 7” X 8.5” 96 pages c.2009 – $35.00 Post Paid



Paul Dahlquist took his first photograph at age 8 – It was a shot of inhabitants of the Chinese City of Chefoo fleeing the invasion by the Japanese in 1937. Since then, in a uniquely personal way, he has been documenting the ebb and flow of humanity and it’s surroundings; nature, architecture, visual textures, places and people.



To Paul, “Everyone, in their own way, is an absolute miracle of being.” and his work is heavily textured by that belief. His self processed Black & White images feature the people he knows well and those he’s met in his travels in his native Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington as well as around the world.



This lovely coffee table book of his work was created as Paul’s birthday present to YOU to celebrate his 80th birthday and his 72 years as an artist and creative spirit. It features images that are favorites of his, as well as those of his closest friends, and a growing legion of fans of his work.


– Ann Marcus (Editor; Paul Dahlquist at 80)


There are over 100 beautifully reproduced photographs as well as a fold-out centerfold of some 80 more. You’ll be proud to display this fine book on any coffee table. For more on the work of Artist/Photographer Paul Dahlquist and some of the photographs that appear in this fine volume, visit his website at


7 Responses to Paul Dahlquist at 80

  1. Susanna Hoe

    Are you by any chance the Paul Dahlquist who is the grandson of Alatau Atkinson’s youngest daughter Molly. I am writing a book that includes a chapter on Lucy and Thomas Atkinson, Alatau’s parents, and should be glad to contact you about them.
    Many thanks,
    Susanna Hoe.

  2. Maria Flagg

    Hi Mr. D!
    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what an inspiration you were to me while I was in high school – a hard feat to accomplish at that time in my life.
    I think about you often and wonder how you are – it looks like you’re doing great! 🙂
    I’m in L.A., and have been for almost 30 years now, but still come home to visit every year. I’m currently chasing my dream of becoming a Chef, and will have my letters and degree in the next year.
    Thank you for being you,
    Maria Flagg

  3. paul grudzinski

    hello paul , i did some photos with you back in the 80’s wandering about getting copies if there still around i know its been a long time but thought you would keep originals. let me know if its possible also i have some photos i took in iraq I’ve been inspired by your photography and many photos that i would like to share. thanks paul grudzinski

  4. maria scuderi

    I miss you, I honor you and I keep your spirit and smile with me. Every time I pull out my camera I see you behind yours.
    hope all is Beautiful in your world and you are still shooting off your camera.

    Big LOVE
    Maria Scuderi, now living in Florida

  5. Christopher

    Hello I found a lot of ur work in the Trash with notes and stuff that made me think it Got thrown out on accident if u would like them back let me know I live in Capital Hill in ny Van with my Dog and I Dumpster dive and just thought u might want back all Nude art black and white

  6. Joseph Esser

    I met Paul in PDX ORE in the 90’s and modeled for him. He has shot 1000’s of rolls of film of me and has hundreds of personal photos in my name. We have been friends for over 20 years, I visited him at his apartment in Seattle and heard he went to Park Ridge Skilled Nursing Facility. I am unable to get any more info other than what is posted on the Paul Dahlquist Photography Facebook page. It shows his room number and a phone number. The phone number was answered by another gentleman who was NOT Paul and claimed did not know anything about him. I fear the worst that Paul may have passed away. Please if you know anything, my number is 503-890-3060. email:
    Thank you.

  7. Tomas Masoliver Gibert

    Dead Paul!
    Best regards from Mallorca, it’s been a long time since the beginning of the eighties in Barcelona, at the time I was married to Laura, everything is blurry in my mind, perhaps you remember my heavy smoking habits. Sounds that I won’t be traveling to the USA in the future, but if I can do so, you are in a high position!!
    are very welcome to stay at my place. Wishing you all the best and I very happy to finally have managed to get in touch after so many years, stay well dear friend!!

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