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By Gregory Franklyn
"Gregory" by Paul Dahlquist 2010

“Gregory” by Paul Dahlquist 2010

My name is Gregory Franklyn. I am handling Paul Dahlquist’s online presence. It has been a while since I’ve posted new work from Paul and that is because he is no longer able to hold a camera steady enough to do something worthy of your attention. He IS well though and is living in a Senior Care facility in Kent Washington where he is thriving. He is well attended by his two sons, Stuart and Adam and a gang of grandchildren and friends.The only way to contact Paul these days is by mail. You can contact him directly and I encourage you to do so, as I know he LOVES hearing from you. Please do! (and don’t forget to browse through some of his work that we’ve presented for you here. After all, that’s what this is all about.)

Paul Dahlquist

Saliem’s Senior Home

524 Railroad Ave. S

Kent, Wa 98032

If you need to contact ME for some reason, I can be reached at

3 Responses to UPDATE

  1. Mark Clawson

    Tell Paul that

    Cherie Hiser as past away at age of 79

    PS said hi to paul

    from Mark clawson

  2. Mark Clawson

    Cherie Hiser as past away at age of 79

  3. Kazem

    Please let Paul know I think about him a lot and would love to visit if I ever make it up to Seattle. Cheerz Kazem

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