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News From Seattle

By Paul
Recent Works

Recent Works

“Here’s some current photos– major frustration w/cameras–M–M The back-up you gave me seems to be different enough to baffle me– Technophobe is my middle name”

Boys from Ohio

Men Working in the Park

Construction, OH YEAH!

“Fellows working on the new park across the street has been an ongoing ‘ballet’ of beautiful men in motion”

New Living Room

“The event on the 3rd (September 2010) Really shaped up my living room but the ‘warehouse’ now consolidated in my bedroom is my next challenge!”

New Diggs

My son Stewart built me a darkroom right in my apartment– back to work!

My New Dark Room

All my love,


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  1. Robert Schreiber

    This is Bob Schreiber…I am a good friend of Mark Belletini from Columbus, Ohio. I visited you almost exactly two years ago I believe. I was with John and Joe…We are the boys from Ohio in the ‘Tangled’ photograph. I have written a couple letters to you but misplaced your address. I hope all is well with you. I am going to explore your web page a bit but I will get my information to you, I would love to get back in touch!

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